One the best ways to get paid for taking surveys is to sign up with a reputable and proven paid survey program. They usually have a setup fee that ranges from – which covers your account setup, support and backend office. Once you sign up to get paid for survey you will get access to a directory of survey companies. Sign up with all of them because you will have surveys pouring into your email box which is good get paid for survey!

Mistake #3- not optimizing for the search engines. One of the greatest things that can happen to your website is to be on the first page of the natural search results for your search term. But there are many parts of SEO that you need to look at. Such as using your keywords in your title tag, in your headline, in your sidebars, in the ALT tags, in your page content and more.

This is an extremely important tool for you to track the traffic and trends of your site. I use Google Analytics but there are many others that will give you gardening detail on your sites performance. Analytics will tell you everything from the number of unique visitors to your site, how long they stayed, where they came from, and most important of all which pages they like and which ones they don’t. Keep an eye on this on a regular basis to keep up to date on any changes you need to make.